San Diego 2018:   July 26 - 29
2017 was double the size of 2016 and all indications are that the growth continues and 2018 will SELL OUT.  The 2018 event will once again be held at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel.  It proved to be an astounding venue for this event and has room for us to grow.  The dinners in the courtyard and on the Berkeley were exceptional and with a capacity of only 350 and an attendee capacity of 1,000, tickets for the dinners will be a hot commodity.
This Conference is Open to the Public!
Weight of the Nation Conference 2018
LowCarbUSA® brings you the "Weight of the Nation Conference 2018" in partnership with JumpstartMD.  The current one-size-fits-all governmental nutrition guidelines and conventional treatment for obesity have resulted in a misguided premise that to lose weight one must simply 'eat less and move more' and 'everything in moderation'.  Unfortunately this does nothing to address the growing epidemic proportion of those ever challenged with metabolic syndrome, and how healthcare providers successfully help to overcome it.  The diabesity epidemic has arisen in the wake of this misguidance.

This event is open to the public as well as physicians, nurses, other healthcare practitioners, dietitians and nutritionists.  All aspects of our healthcare and 'health and wellness' system play a paramount role in educating our population using science-proven protocols to achieve healthy weights and prevent and reverse many of the diseases plaguing our society today.

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Once the special room block fills up, rooms will only be available at the regular rate
Gary Taubes
Jeff Volek, PhD, RD Professor
Dominic D'Agostino, PhD
Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD
Nina Teicholz
Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL
David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD
Andrew Mente, PhD
Lewis Cantley, PhD
Sarah J. Hallberg, DO, MS
Sean Bourke, MD
John Newman, MD, PhD
Ronald M. Krauss, MD
Jean-Marc Schwarz, PhD
Eran Segal, PhD