Low Carb USA - San Diego
August 3 - 6, 2017
4 Days Of The Top Researchers and Scientists In The World
Make sure you book NOW!  Take advantage of the special price and be sure you don't miss out.  This event will sell out!!
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Andrea Lombardi, 2016 Attendee

Hey Pam, great meeting you at Low Carb USA! Thanks to you and Doug for organizing, what a huge success! I've already purchased my ticket for next year.

Abby Ross, 2016 Attendee

This. Conference. Is. FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for the weeks and weeks of blood, sweat and tears. WOW!  I'm LOVING EVERY SECOND. AND please keep this athletic part. It's amazing.  The dinner last night was incredible. The interaction with presenters during the entire conference is extraordinary.  They are the top in their field but not dropping in and merely leaving.  Each segment starts on time.  Question line is organized and respectful. I go to tons of such Conferences and this is phenomenal!!  Thank you!!
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Due to the enormous cost of hosting these events, we hold off on processing any refunds until we hit a certain threshold of ticket sales that allows us to cover our costs.  Once we hit that threshold we can start processing any requests for refunds in the order they were received.  For this particular event, the threshold is 600 tickets.
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